• The luxurious side of age gap relationships

    Age Gap Relationships

    6. April 2019 msdredaktion

    Age gap relationships are the new craze in major capitals like Moscow, London, New York and Singapore. Rather than going for guys around their age, good-looking young women are now often on the hunt for wealthy older men. These so-called age gap relationships not only allow them to live a more luxurious life – quite…

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  • Women enhance their sex life by dating an older man

    Dating an Older Man

    12. March 2019 msdredaktion

    Many women who just ended another unhealthy relationship ask themselves the same question: Should I still go for guys my age or try dating an older man instead? What stops a lot of women from dating an older man often has less to do with their own opinions and beliefs, but with their concerns about…

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  • Age Gap Dating

    Age Gap Dating

    18. February 2019 msdredaktion

    If you go out in the posher parts of London or Paris nowadays, you will notice how many young women are in company of significantly older men. Most of these women are remarkably beautiful, too. What makes these gorgeous, young women go for a man who could easily be their dad? As a matter of…

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  • Daddy Relationship - the benefits

    Daddy Relationship

    20. January 2019 msdredaktion

    If you are one of the women who are fed up with dating young guys who cannot offer you any stability to plan your future, maybe a daddy relationship is just what you are looking for. When men and women hear ‘daddy relationship’, they usually think about an older and often wealthy man dating a…

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  • Dating senior men comes with a range of benefits

    Dating Senior Men

    23. December 2018 msdredaktion

    Whenever I tell anyone in my social circle that I prefer dating senior men over dating young guys, the reactions range from surprise over disbelief to outright rejection. Even some of my close female friends find it weird that I tell them I am into dating senior men. Usually they ask why I would want…

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  • Age difference in relationship - no more than a number?

    Age Difference in Relationships

    20. November 2018 msdredaktion

    When it comes to the topic age difference in relationships, opinions have been traditionally very divided. While some people believe that an age difference in relationship really does not matter and age is just a number, others think that dating somebody much older is inappropriate or just weird. Why people are divided about an age…

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