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Cougar Relationship

13. June 2020msdredaktion

My friends often ask me for advice when it comes to age differences in relationships and the importance of age for finding the right one. Most of them do not quite understand why anybody in their twenties or early thirties would even consider a cougar relationship. You may have heard the expression “age is just a number“, but if you ask me, this doesn’t quite nail it. I would argue that age totally matters. In fact, that’s why being in a cougar relationship can be so much fun.

Cougar relationship
Cougar relationship

Cougar relationship – why date someone much older than your own age?

When talking about a cougar relationship, most of us think of an attractive young guy dating an older woman. She might well be in her 40s or 50, so the age difference can easily be 15-20 years. However, the considerable age gap doesn’t mean that you won’t discover any similarities. I found quite the opposite to be true with my cougar relationship. Depending on what you are looking for and what you find attractive in a partner, dating a more mature person can be a very nice experience.

Same-age couples are typically in a similar stage in life, but not always. It can be challenging when you have already established an early career, but your partner still needs time to figure out what they want. In a cougar relationship, you obviously deal with a partner who has their fair share of life experience. Did I say experience? There are other things in life that can get even better over time!

Cougar relationship – a hot adventure with an experienced partner

Cougar relationship - a hot adventure with an experienced partner
Cougar relationship – a hot adventure with an experienced partner

Dating a mature partner can also be great for your sex life. An older partner is usually more experienced and knows what they want. Honestly, who doesn’t like the idea of a partner who has confidence in bed and enjoys sex? Living out your own sexual fantasies can be much easier when you are in a cougar relationship. At least for my part I felt that the sex could be much more steamy and uninhibited with a mature partner. An experienced MILF can be a hot surprise in so many different ways when it comes to sex!

Life experience is a great plus in a cougar experience

Even when we are not talking about the bedroom, life experience is a nice thing to have in a relationship. Your potential partner has been through some of the journeys and troubles that you have to face. Having someone like that right by your side can be great comfort in many other perspectives, too.

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